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We have designed each and every space in our room to meet all your expectations, and we accompany you with the best staff to get the most out of it.

Kimera Climbing G

Degree classification

Start of track



Boulder area

The star area of our room! More than 150 boulder tracks of all levels and styles.

Difficulty . We have a very simple difficulty classification system, each color identifies a difficulty, from turquoise blue the simplest for beginners, to black marking the most difficult routes.

Do you want to play? We have the color pink, identify the surprise difficulty. Try them out and think for yourself!

Home . The tracks start with your hands on the dams marked with a white plug on the screw. If you see two marked prey, use one for each hand, and if you only see one, start with both hands together on the prey. The last shot is your goal or top, when you get there put your hands together and count to 3. Chained way! The output feet are free as long as you do not use an outlet of a different color.

Volumes . You will see wooden structures distributed along the climbing walls. They are volumes, we have gray and brown ones. They allow us to change the volume of the wall and can be used with both hands and feet in all ways.

Descendants : You will see gray prey, they are for safe descent from the tracks when you chain and do not have to jump from above. Use them!

Calendari Routsetting Boulder

We renew a sector every week, you will not miss new ways. Consult the sector plan and the Routesetting calendar.

Autobelays and Lead Zone

We have a rope area with more than 20 routes in case you want to climb more meters, we have routes up to 9 meters high and up to 12 meters long.

The difficulty of the rope tracks is indicated by the color of the marker that you will find at the entrance of the track.

Remember that to climb in this sector you need to know and use the safety equipment correctly, pass our safety test and follow all the safety tips and rules of conduct of the room.


Calendari Routsetting Esportiva

We renew tracks every week. See which ones in the Routesetting calendar.


In the gym you will find everything you need to specifically train all those aspects related to climbing. You can train continuity on our wall, the strength of your fingers on the Moonboard, the Beastmaster boards or the Campus board.

We also have cardio and bodybuilding machines to get you in shape or to complement your workout.

Access to the gym is prohibited for children under the age of 14, unless it is through the activities organized by the room and always accompanied by the room staff or monitor.


What would a climbing room be without a bar? A good canteen is essential in our country, never miss a snack! A good selection of drinks and food, the fuel your body needs for climbing sessions.


    Space to change clothes with showers and lockers.


      Here our staff will take care of everything you need. We are here to take care of you, ask us questions or ask you and we will do our best to help you.

        Manicure area

        Take care of your hands. Ask our staff for the manicure set we have available for the care and maintenance of your skin.

          Free Wifi

          Our spaces have free Wifi so you can always be connected without spending Mb.


          Monday to Friday: 9.30 am to 10 pm.

          Saturdays and Sundays: 10:00 – 20:00.



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